Co-founders Broderick and Ivan met as wingmen in the US Air Force in 2015 and have been bonding over their love of golf (and lack of golf skill) ever since. After becoming frustrated with the outdated and expensive solutions currently on the market aimed at helping golfers improve their game, they teamed up to mobilize Broderick's skills in machine learning and Ivan's management experience to create DataHinge in 2019. Our goal is to leverage artificial intelligence to simplify skill improvement and bring sports coaching into the 21st century.


Golf AI is the first implementation of their proprietary 3D pose-estimation technology onto the iPhone, in the form of instant golf swing analysis. We have been diligently at work developing the app and building our team to bring the future of coaching to you!

We are currently seeking strategic partnerships and Seed investment to help us achieve more rapid growth towards our vision. To schedule a call or meeting, please email our Operations Director at natalie@datahinge.org or leave a message at (949) 395-5943. 

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